Our reputation and maneuvering with all the concerned stake holders, Tourism department, security agencies, Traffic Clearance Authorities , Floriculture ,Archaeological survey of India, Universities, Development Authorities, heritage and cultural forums, wildlife and forest stands tested.
If you have decided to shoot in Kashmir, the rest is our duty.
Once you make your mind to shoot in Kashmir, we make it amply sure that you have the best merry go round recce to the virgin, unknown and unexplored destinations which in the end make your film stand different and imaginative in cinematic substance.
Just put a mail and get location pictures updated.
Kashmiris are known for hospitality (Mehmaan Nawazi), Traditional food like, Waazwan, badam Kesar Kehwa , NoonChai, Harisa, Seek Kabab, will also be served, to feel the taste of Kashmir.
we have a huge bank of local artists, Top grade experienced artists from Jammu and Kashmir, Fresh faces with fair complexion and looks. Need may arise; we make auditions too in our Srinagar office with your casting director.
We have excellent relation with various studios and equipment rental houses and we make easy to arrange and provide professional film equipment with all the latest cameras, lenses, filters, grips, rigging equipment, jimmy jib, cine lights, vanity vans, sound proof generator sets and other accessories. All at the best price and packages across the width and breadth of Kashmir…. Arrangements can be made for further necessities and requirements as per client needs and satisfaction with prier demand and requisition. Send us your requirements via e-mail.
Security and safety of the entire crew becomes our paramount job. Once you finalise the shooting dates and location, with the support of state Home Ministry, the armed Police and Para military forces will be ready to take great care of crew safety. The three tyre security grid is provided for Maga and Super stars.
We have Private security guards for crowd control. We arrange and manage Fire tenders and ambulances, big cranes, platform lift vehicles etc. Around weather information and forecast.