Travellers, long term budget travellers, drifters, wanderers…….

Youth tourism is a new, fast growing sector in the tourism industry. Youth tourism in a nutshell is young travellers having preference for budget accommodation, emphasis on meeting other travellers, independently organised, flexible travel schedule and longer rather than brief holidays.

Youth tourism can be seen through modern initiatives including (but not limited to); travel, backpacking, youth hostels, working holiday programs, education, student flights, cultural exchange, backpacker transport, adventure tours, volunteering, internships, student travel insurance, youth travel agents, tourism boards, internet cafes, language courses, student identity cards and student exchange .

Studies show youth tourists travel for purpose. Whether to experience a different culture learn a language, volunteer, work or study.They are keen to experience the local lifestyle and meet other people . In fact, youth tourism heavily promotes opportunities to socialize with fellow travellers . The majority of youth tourism travel on a strict budget, sourcing cheap accommodation enabling them to have a relatively long duration journey and spend their money on a wide range of activities such as nature, culture and adventure . Interestingly enough, youth tourism spends more money than those in other tourism sectors as they spend 4 times longer travelling than the average visitor. Furthermore, youth tourists value their flexible itineraries. They report the most memorable travel experiences are often those that are unexpected, and the finest discoveries are those they make themselves.

We at Alien Holidays and Hospitality make our youngsters relish an incredible experience of streets of state of Jammu and Kashmir .