The tourist spot Bota Pathri in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), also called the Nagin Valley, has been set open by the Tourism Department in May 2012. The destination had been closed to visitors a period of 22 years.
Bota Pathri, which boasts of serene natural beauty, is located at a distance of nine km from Gulmarg. The tourist destination was set open at a formal ceremony organised by the state Tourism Department, which was widely attended by army personnel, locals as well as tourists. There is a huge influx of tourists in J&K, for example about 1.4 million tourists came here last year. The surge in the tourists visiting Gulmarg resulted in it getting congested. Bota Pathri is a good place for the tourists to visit. It is a virgin and pristine place. The infrastructure over here is environment friendly, eco sensitive and is a new destination for the tourists.